Not on Twitter? You’re not coming in

Twitter blue birdInteresting article in PR Week’s Digital Campaigning supplement today. Tim Weber from BBC News Interactive writes:

“Only half-jokingly, BBC director of global news said: ‘Be on Twitter or be sacked’.” Weber later states that the managing editor of The Washington Post: “says he wouldn’t hire a journalist who doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook.

Could this kind of attitude also be on the cards for hiring communicators?  In local government, social media is becoming better accepted and used. It will soon be a key part of every local authority’s PR kit.

To be honest, I’m surprised that there are still professional journos or comms people who don’t or can’t use Facebook. There still seems to be a bit of brow-furrowing over Twitter, and I have to admit that I didn’t ‘get’ it until I started using it.

Twitter is now an essential part of my daily catch-up. It’s been invaluable whilst being on maternity leave, keeping me up to date with developments in communications and local government in bite-sized chunks.

I attended a briefing by Dave Briggs earlier this year. He told us just to dive into social media, there’s no better way to learn.  He’s right. JFDI.

If you want your CV to shine nowadays, social media experience is essential. The man from the BBC says so.


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