ukgovcamp2012 – my top twenty

I was at ukgovcamp2012 on Saturday – my first big unconference. It was overwhelming in some respects, but inspiring in all, mainly due to the fantastic people who where there.

Dan Slee has spread the excellent idea to write down twenty thoughts or snippets from the event. Here are mine (cue TOTP countdown music):

1. It now takes an age to walk to the Victoria line from Kings Cross train station. Do not attempt to cut it fine when aiming for a train home – it will not end well

2. No one takes a blind bit of notice when asked to keep their intros short at the opening session

3. There is a social media simulator available for emergency planning training

4. Identifying local and vocal digital users ahead of emergencies is a good plan – you can ask them to help you get your messages out in a crisis

5. During a crisis, be prepared for your website to crash. Have a Plan B – such as a WordPress site – in your back pocket

6. Ben Proctor has some practical suggestions for minimum social media practice in emergencies

7. If you’re editing Wikipedia you need to be mindful of its Conflict of Interest policy. You should not directly edit pages related to your employer or work without being totally open and honest about it

8. Wikipedia does not accept The Daily Mail as a credible source for health-related stories

9. Key phrases to use when asking for Wikipedia pages to be edited are: It is not neutral, undue weight has been given to a specific area, there is cultural bias, the page/section is unreferenced or does not cite reliable sources

10. When people are passionate about Wikipedia or QR codes, they’re super-passionate about them in a very infectious way

11. If you use or google’s link shortener for QR codes anyone can view the statistics as they’re public by default. Terence Eden explains more 

12. QR codes are being used in museums to great effect at minimum cost

13. Never forget the end user – is what we’re doing and using the right thing for them?

14. Never forget that most people don’t have whizzy tech or phones – get your level right

15. Most people have no interest in visiting a Council website, they only go when they really need to

16. It’s a tiny bit marvelous to put faces to Twitter names

17. There will always be people you miss speaking to who you really wanted to meet

18. It’s brilliant that a Councillor came along to the Saturday session

19. Unconferences are a fantastically collborative way to bring people together and learn new things

20. The Plumbers Arms serves very good sausages. I worked nearby for four years and never went in. This was probably a mistake.

Photo: 2012-govcamp-002 by #ashroplad via Flickr


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