Crowdsourced squirrels


This post is a chance to share my favourite thing in my garden and a fantastic crowdsourced research project.

The black squirrel in this video took up residence last year after a stand of horse chestnuts was felled locally, forcing him and his friends to move home. 

Black squirrels are the same species as grey squirrels, just with a different pigment, and are commonly sighted in East Anglia after a gaggle of them were released in Woburn around one hundred years ago.

Anglia Ruskin University have been crowdsourcing black squirrel sightings for a few years on their Black Squirrel Project website. The project aims to: “gather data on the geographical range of the grey and black squirrel in the British Isles. This data may help explain why the grey squirrel is such a successful invader here.” It’s a fun, easy to use website and you feel that you’re involved in some interesting scientific research. That’s a great use of the web in my book.

Photo: Black Squirrel_3377 by Robert Taylor on Flickr


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